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PBSViewer php script


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Hi all,


I hope I am at the right place. I have written a php script and want to test it and share it with you. This script is released under GPL licence. With this script you can view ingame captured pb screenshots. Here is a short list of the latest features of this script:


  • Download latest pb screens from gameserver.
  • Shows your pb screens independently to your visitors, without user/admin intervention.
  • Search player by guid or by name, without openening every single pb screen.
  • Use of wildharts in your search.
  • Automatic update of log file. This will prevent the log file to grow in size. Since pb keeps adding data, there is no limit in file size (pb does not clear old data, with this script however you can).
  • Multiple admins are possible.
  • Updates for pb screens can take place automatically or by admin intervention.
  • If there is an update available then you will be notified. A warning is displayed on top.
  • md5 hashes are added to screen and checked if screens were altered by someone(by admin or cheater)
  • Detailed screen page, you can get here by clicking on a screenshot.
  • Get aliases of player
  • Read log files to obtain extra information like ip and md5 of original screen.
  • Extra info is given on top of screen, like player with most incomplete pb screens.
  • Screens can be selected by date. This allows you to search for screens of a match played yesterday.
  • All screens shown are ordered by date, the newest one are located on top.
  • Smart update feature: it will only download new or changed screens.
  • Numbers of screens shown on main page can be customized.
  • User can request an update: admin will be notified
  • easy installation, added installation script
  • reset button added, to delete all screens and logs
  • For search field, field name is selected as default, instead of fid
  • Auto rewrite of special characters used by html


A demo of this script can be seen here: http://beesar.com/pbs_viewer/index.php.

This script can be downloaded here: http://www.beesar.com/work/php/pbsviewer/


I only have tested this for BF2 and Cod4, but I think it will work for other pb related games a well. However I am not sure about it, therefore I need your help.

There are several ways you could help me:

  1. Just download this script and install it at your clansite/website. If it works please leave a message for which game it works. You can leave a message here or at my development page.
  2. Posting suggestions or report bugs to improve this script, you can post it here or at my development page.

I hope you enjoy it :)

Thanks for taking your time to read my post,



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Hi all,


I want to announce that there is a new release: version For a demo of this new version go to the demo page.

A short list of the latest key features:


  • Download pb screens from your gameserver and show them on your website.
  • Shows your pb screens independently to your visitors, without user/admin intervention.
  • Easy search for screens, search supports wildcards. You can search by guid or name.
  • Secure Admin login.
  • PBSViewer has an Admin Control Panel (ACP), here you can easily configure your PBSViewer.
  • Option to make PBSViewer private, only those who know password can use PBSViewer.
  • Automated checking of md5 hashes of screens, it can automatically check if screens have been altered or not.
  • Get aliases of player.
  • Easy installation script included.
  • Reset feature included to delete all screens and logs.


The full changelog can be seen here:



You can download the pb screen viewer here:



Ideas for next release


  • Image enhancement functionalities
  • Easy style change in ACP


More ideas for future releases can be found here:



If you have more ideas or you want to request a feature then please go to the Feature Request page or go to the issue page (for advanced users).




At the moment I

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