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This an offense or a mouse setting?


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[03.01.2005 21:51:55] VIOLATION (CVAR) #9001: (slot #7) Cvar sensitivity = max

Is this a offense or just a mouse setting? I left the persons info out just incase its nothing.......

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watchlists are for excessive reports of some type of game abuse. Not for a single report. If you start getting hundreds of people using this cvar as we have with other ones that are hack related and some we still haven't proved are hack related we can start adding it to a watchlist.

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Sorry it was from rodeobob:


PunkBuster Cheat/Hack Violations:


#9001 - CVAR VIOLATIONS (See List below)

#9002 - MD5TOOL VIOLATIONS (See List below)

#50000s - AIMBOT

#60000s - WALLHACK

#70000s - MULTIHACK

#80000s - GAMEHACK


#100000s - SPEEDHACK

#110000s - AUTOFIRE

#120000s - GAME HOOK

#130000s - PB HACK


The other two items that can be viewed/debated/judged as a cheat are:



PB Screenshots


List of #9001 CVAR bannable items:










I deleted most of his post to keep this small.

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I think the person in question is using a script to change his sensitivity on the fly. I wrote a simple one not too long ago, but removed it as I didn't think it would be fair in league play.


I play with a sens of 8. But, I set it up to where when I pressed the shoot button, it would set my sens to 3 (making the mouse movement slower so I could precise target a smaller area) and start firing. The reason I did this was that I found that a sens of 3 kept my shots grouped better in a single area, but I found that before I started shooting, I couldn't zip my mouse over to a targets quick enough to start shooting. So this was the solution I made. I liked it, and my game improved a lot, but I didn't want to cause a lot of grief in leagues, so I now I just adapt and try to play with a sens of 8.


I think this guy has set up a sens rotating script that set max = [whatever value he desires at the time]. He hits a predefine button that rotates it to the next value and set 'max' as that value, then the value of 'max' is loaded into his sens. I am saying this is definite, but it is what I think the guy/gal is doing. I would still keep an eye on him/her though.

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