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AAHAHAHA I PWNED the other site


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03-02-2005 04:20 PM / profile / quote

Punkbuster Streaming and AMBL



For a long time now, Teamwarfare has supported Punkbuster & the efforts of the other site.com (The internet?s largest PunkBuster support web site), in helping to curb the level of cheaters in the games that have Punkbuster intergrated into them.


Although it is not mandatory for any clan to stream to the other site, we reccommend that clans do register there so that they can stream their logs and use the Auto-Master Ban List. The reason behind this is that if cheaters are caught on a streaming server, then they can either be added to the Master Ban Index (MBI) immediately (in the case of violations) or they can send their screenshots in to be verified and then added to the Master Ban Index (MBI).


So what exactly does the AMBL do?


* Cheaters detected by the Punk Buster software from the PrettySadBusiness admin member servers, are collected, sorted and updated to the Master Ban List (Master Ban Index (MBI)) automatically.

* Your server?s ban list is automatically updated and kept current with the automated download feature at a time and period of your choosing. A cheater caught today will not be playing within hours on all servers using the Master Ban Index (MBI), Period!

* The Auto-Master Ban Index (MBI) FTP updating software is available for both Windows and Linux-based servers. (Or update manually, if the auto-updating feature is not possible with your setup).

* Screen shot MD5 checksums and timestamps are automatically stored in the PrettySadBusiness repository, so that there will never again be a doubt as to the authenticity of a PB screen shot. It eliminates accusations of fake screen shots. the other site?s repository will verify it?s integrity without question.


In order to stream your logs and use the Auto-Master Ban List, you must register at the other site.com and apply for Admin Membership via the "Admin Tools" link on the site. Once you have been accepted by the other site as an Admin Member, then it's a short process to configure your servers for streaming, and to start using the AMBL.


The requirements of gaining admin membership are:


1. You must be the admin of a full-time game server(s). Part-time server admins can join the forum and participate in discussions.

2. Your server(s) must be PB enabled full time and must be run in pure mode full time if it applies to your game.

3. Your server (or team) must have an online presence (ie, a web site).

4. Your email address must match the url of your web site's domain. No free email accounts (i.e. yahoo, hotmail, etc).

5. You must meet these minimum requirements or your application will be denied.

6. the other site reserves the right to deny any application or revoke any membership at any time for any reason.


Many clans already successfully use the services provided by the other site.com, and this can be seen by the number of bans in the Master Ban Lists for Call of Duty (3597) and Ravenshield (1026). Both of these communities are working hard to curb the level of cheaters in their games, and the main resource is provided by the other site by way of streaming & the AMBL.


Heard enough? Want to help in the fight against cheaters? Then head over to the other site.com and start the process by signing up now!!!





03-02-2005 05:31 PM / profile / quote / edit


PBBans > the other site

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