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Consecutive IP addresses


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Had something odd crop up on our AF server tonight and was wondering if anyone had seen this before .


I ran an admin.listplayers in BF2CC and it came up with 4 players who had consecutive IPs. By that I mean their IPs ran like this :







All 4 players knew each other.


(As a side route I ran an IP trace through Neotrace Pro and from my location (in Charlotte, NC) it traced to Irwin, CA via Atlanta, GA but branched off to Chicago , IL from Atlanta which made me wonder if this was an IP spoof.


In case it is I have PBSS of all 4 for reference of names / cd hashes and for banning purposes and a screenshot of them together on BF2CC.


It may be nothing but I think its extremely unlikely that 4 people who just happen to play BF2 would also just happen to have consecutive IPs like that.


Thanks in advance for any input.

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