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Corrupted file memory 81058


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My thoughts would be that it was a bad install or that he may be having connectivity issues. That isn't anything to be alarmed about.

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I have that corrupted file/memory every time and it really sucks. i gave it with enemy territory and call of duty. sometimes after 30 min and sometimes after 3 min. my computer is now at a computer shop because maybe the know whats wrong but thay called me becayse they don't know :( i'm trying everything for the last 2 months so i thought it was time now to contact punkbuster :banghead: ive even done a clean install of windows and i buyed new memory


this is my setup

gygabyte mainboard

3.0 intel processor

nvidia geforce 3

1024 mb ram memory


PLEASE PLAESE help me i want to play normal with my clan again



[email protected]

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