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Name "Spoof"


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What can be done when your account has been "Name Spoofed"? There is a guy in Canada (according to IP addy) by the name of WD Intorlerance- has done this to multiple BF2 player accounts. Gaining points for his account by hacking and doing it under another account name! Getting the other player name banned for hacking while himself being able to go on playing with his dirty account.

Can his victims ever clear their name? If so how would go about doing it?

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I still get banned from servers, when they check for hackers- my in game name comes up assosiated with this guys IP. The guys from the BIA server (Brothers in Arms- Klutch) took the time to bring this to my attention a few nights ago, otherwise I woulda never known- I So its not pbbans kicking me from certain servers, its some kind of admin thing that I don't understand...

Anyway, I'm an old man (45) I have about 5000 hours on this game (BF2) and honestly I don't have much of a life and playing BF2 is one of the pleasures in it... LOL gawd thats pathetic, but what can I say- If any of you computer guru guys has any idea what i mean, and you have an idea how to fix it please let me know. Thanks.



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and you have an idea how to fix it please let me know

There is nothing to fix.


It's up to the server admins to interpret MPi data correctly. We will not alter the data for any reason, since that would compromise it's integrity.

My opinion as a staff member is that you are completely clean and are being banned from those servers without proper research by the server admins. Banning you due to seeing your "alias" on some ban that didn't even happen in the same country as you is just wrong... Especially considering that namehacking was an everyday thing on BF2 before the 1.5 patch.


Feel free to link this post to admins, that are trying to ban you for this. :)




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I've been name-spoofed before, had a ban in my name with the spoofers IP and GUID from Canada (I'm not from there). Then, I was lucky enough to have my account hacked two times. The first time, I was given every gold and every medal there was including four stars, but with Colonel points. I was able to get this fixed by going through EA games. I was lucky enough to get screen shots of all my points, rank, medals etc. When I was about to get two star general on my own, my account was hacked again. This time, I received four stars and about one million negative score. I submitted a ticket to ea and they zeroed out my score completely, with no medals at all. I submitted another ticket to ea games and sent them my screen shots. I was given my score restored and my correct rank back, however I lost all my medals and time in squad leading etc.


Log into ea games and submit a ticket. There is a certain path you take, I'm sure at the end it will give you the option about having a hacked account.



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That will not help any, once they are on the MPI, they stay there. EA cannot remove them, it does not matter if your name spoof, if the admin does not take the time to compare info and do research, then find another server to play on.

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I was talking about how to get your stats back after your account has been hacked, not getting off the MBI. Unfortunatley, there are quite a few hackers out there that like to mess with peoples stats. If you get screen shots of your stats, ea games can restore them if you've been spoofed, or your account hacked.

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