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application denied


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Hope I am in the right place:-


I have been told there is no clan roster or member list on my web site..erm..there is though....what am I supposed to do now??..pointless re-applying with same details...and I cant put something in site thats already there..am sorta lost on what to do next.

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*Topic split and moved to correct subforum*


Please don't hijack another person's thread with your own questions. Instead, start a new topic. ;)


The response you got:

Please read our Streaming Applicant Requirements regarding websites. There doesn't seem to be a current roster/memberlist on your website. You also need to make sure you have played on a PBBans streaming server for at least ten minutes on your current GUID and IP before re-applying.


There are only 2 people on your roster on GameTracker. Also the forum only contains only 1 post... by you... We look for signs of longevity in teams we let stream. Yours does not show any at this point.

Feel free to re-apply when you get more members and a more active forum as stated per the Streaming Applicant Requirements and have played on a streaming server for at least 10 minutes. :)




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Ahhhhh..I understand now...I am just setting this site up, so of course its not poulated at moment..but with having Public Servers some form of "protection" would of been nice as many players use the games servers but dont join the site.." ho hum"...anyways I understand now..Thankyou

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