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Hoping someone can help me out a bit here. To start off, no I dont hack, and no I've never altered any part of the game (I wouldn't even know how), but recently I was kicked from my favorite server with a MD5 Tool error. I dont remember what it said exactly, it was quite sudden. Then the next time I was playing I was abruptly booted and found to be banned from that server. I responded to one of the guys I've played with about the issue, and he informed me the MD5 tool had picked up "cheat name removed.hack," and that the ban would stand. Anyone know if there could be a mix up here, and how I can fix this problem?? Thanks


**admin note**

By directly naming a cheat, you are inadvertently advertising it.

Any forum posts that name cheats in the general forum sections will be moderated.

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The ban you appealed ( http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-1bc171ab-vb42066.html ) does not even appear to be your ban at all. I'm not sure how anyone even came up with that being you either. From what I can find, you have 1 bf2142 GUID that is clean and is not associated in any way with the banned GUID.


If you could, join a PB enabled server, bring down the console with ~ and type pb_myguid. Write down the last 8 characters and post it here.

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