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Viol 125134 Bans Removed (CoDWaW)

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[quote name='Aeon' date='Feb 02, 2010 - 07:30 PM' timestamp='1265157010' post='294675']
This isn't the same GameHook Nacho, the one you got was #125144 as well as 2 other people on our server within 30 min of the one you got.
Is this another case like the #123134?
I dunno, but so far it's been 4 people within the last 50 min getting it.
All i can really do is suggest you appeal to the ban for now and put as much info as you can (programs running, what you were doing, etc)

We just had a member banned for GameHook #125144 (PzgR3-windy).

Noticed there has been a ton of GameHook bans (and quite a few on the BC server today).

Not sure what the issue is. Seems like another GameHook issue on our hands.

Windy was running X-Fire and had just updated + running the latest update of TeamSpeak 3 at the time.

Please look into this!

If possible, lets get a new thread going and pass the word to anyone affected.

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On 2/2/10 I was playing CoD:WaW on the BC modded server. I was kicked/banned for a gamehook. I was running xfire, ultramon and updated (as of that night) TS3 Beta. Also, had run Audacity that night, don't know if it was resident or not.

Please consider lifting this ban.

Thank You,


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You need to [url="http://www.pbbans.com/appeal_ban.php"]appeal your ban here[/url] . You will also need to link to your evenbalance [url="http://www.evenbalance.com/troubleticket/new_ticket.php?game=waw"]Trouble Ticket[/url] in your appeal to us for monitoring purposes. This is an evenbalance detection, so they have the final say if the bans are lifted or not. Make sure that you list your computer hardware(properly, not just intel with 2GB ram, that says nothing). Driver revisions installed, software running at the time(x-fire, Teamspeak, anti-virus, etc) Which operating system do you run? List as much useful information as you can think of. Be patient and watch your ticket for a response, but do not keep posting in it, as it moves it to the bottom of the list every time that you do.

Thread closed, since it's topic is not the same as the recent posters.

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