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  1. RoadWarrior

    Stupid People Shouldn't Drive

    That was Squealer learning to drive, in his mom's car. ;) :P
  2. Source Link New game set for 2011, Treyarch confirmed to develop title for 2010. by Jim Reilly March 2, 2010 - Activision has announced Sledgehammer Games, a newly formed studio led by former Visceral Games executives Glen A. Schofield and Michael Condrey, will develop a new Call of Duty title that will "extend the franchise into the action-adventure genre." The publisher also confirmed it will release another Call of Duty title in 2011, but it's unclear as of now if this is the same title Sledgehammer is currently developing. This leaves the door open for another studio, possibly Infinity Ward, to develop the 2011 title. We've asked Activision for clarification. The company also confirmed Treyarch is handling development on the Call of Duty title to be released this fall. Meanwhile, Infinity Ward is still set to develop and release the first two downloadable map packs for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. "2010 will be another important year for the Call of Duty franchise," stated Mike Griffith, President and CEO of Activision Publishing. "In addition to continued catalog sales, new downloadable content from Infinity Ward and a new Call of Duty release, we are excited about the opportunity to bring the franchise to new geographies, genres and players." Activision also says it's looking to expand the franchise with the same focus seen in its Blizzard Entertainment business. This includes looking at "high-margin digital online content" and taking the series to "new geographies, new genres and with new digital business models." The company has had "discussions with a select number of partners" to bring the franchise to Asia, one of the fastest growing online multiplayer regions.
  3. RoadWarrior

    Guilty until proven Innocent

    Sympathy is found between shit and syphilis in the dictionary.
  4. RoadWarrior

    I need some help

    Nullify, eradicate, execute..... do those help?
  5. RoadWarrior

    Why MW2 never had Dedicated Servers

    I stuck to my guns and didn't buy it. The cracked download for the SP was ok, but nothing stellar enough to write a letter home about. IW wants to line it's pockets, you see staff jumping ship, and they will likely lose more staff before the next COD is released. Better hope Treyarch are smart enough to release a decent PC version of it with dedi-files, or that entire series will be dead to PC-gamers everywhere. Here's to the next MOH!
  6. My issue has also ceased to exist. I'll stand firm, though, that if you intend to run a league that is associated with us, you still need to contact me, and then explain the process, as well. I would have perhaps responded different, had I been aware of it at all. To this date, no such information has been sent to me. How would I know to respond different? That being said, no issue. Just work with it. I'm sure we can find a peaceful resolve to it all. RW
  7. I would suggest we take this to pm, or irc. Our servers formerly owned by another clan can't be added to a new clan until removed by a former clan. Small glitch, I guess. Over-site, as it were. Would be something to implement. As far as the league aspect is concerned, you still need to contact me directly, not via forums, but PM, or IRC. RW
  8. We have protocols here. Your configs are apparently causing issues, and you're not a supported league? Perhaps send that message out to those who have installed them, and do so pronto. You can PM me directly, and I will pass on your information as a league that wants to use our services. If you want to also have your own streaming services directly, or a league configuration, then you can PM the league config requirements to MaYdaX directly, and he'll tell you if they will work. As of right now, they apparently are not. As of now, cease and decist on putting out those configs you're running, they're obviously not working! RW
  9. Why is he getting ucon errors if you're using the rep method?
  10. Would you like to provide us with a link directly to your group so we could check on this in the future and at least be able to trouble-shoot? It would be nothing more than a common-courtesy, and not asking to much. We don't step on other streaming services. We would like to be aware of them, in case of such issues in the future. Even if you've used ours in the past. RW
  11. pb_sv_ucontimeout 300 //default 90 not sure why anyone would set it to 300??? HUGE WTF????? pb_sv_uconmaxsendrate 16 // [speed at which PB Server sends pbcl and pbag updates in KBps (default=8)] Those would be the two issues I could see. I had the second one at 16, with no issues on my COD4 server, first one....that's a massive wait-time for anything relating to pb.
  12. Again, no PGL league supported here. If they have their own streaming issues, you'll have to take that up with them. The googling I've done thus far points to a PS3 Console league, nothing to do with PC gaming. Simple google, and it's not the same link posted above. Recommendations are still the same to fix the error. Add one ucon stream at a time, if you get errors, it's within the configs and needs both parties to become familiar with one another, as well as support one another, to fix it. At this time, you do not see any supported league that flies the PGL flag to us, and there's no known anti-cheat group that flies under it either, afaik. That's where the issue lies, and I'd lay it down to someone adding something that should not have been there in the first place. Most likely a clan-member who mis-understood something, but had access. Not a lay the blame game, just something to be sorted out, is all. RW
  13. First off, we don't support a PGL league group of any kind. I get a couple of hits via Google, but they're not for PC gaming. Google your error, no hits. You seem to be the only one. I'd remove any ucon stream commands from your personal configs that do not tie into sites you are actually streaming too at this time, and then simply restart punkbuster from your particular rcon tool. Incidently, I had an issue with people at one point within my clan using other admin tools that also use ucon, that thought they needed to stream their local IP directly to it, and were constantly adding their IP/port to the ucon configs. Much as I tried to explain that external tools such as rcon tools for admins don't need that, it kept happening and they kept adding them as fast as I could remove them. Hopefully that is not your case, as it will cause a fair number of errors. Rcon tools don't work the same way(even using ucon) as streaming does. A good example of this is Morkeye which uses ucon to run, if you run it from your local PC like I do(not server-sided) but it doesn't require me to stream the information directly to my PC with a seperate ucon IP address/port. I know there are other programs that do use ucon as well. Remember, if you keep adding ucon IP/Ports that you're not actually streaming proper information too, you will get errors.
  14. RoadWarrior

    Any hope for us?

    That would work perfectly. You just need to add a server monitor(see GameTracker) and a publicly viewable BFBC2 roster and that would technically do it.
  15. RoadWarrior

    Any hope for us?

    There are many free-forums out there to be had that will suffice for our requirements. Forums also give you a place to advertise your server and allow the general gaming community find you in one central location. The bulk of the free-forums sites you'll find include easy site building tools and so on.
  16. RoadWarrior

    ggc stream ban

    The ban is valid. We ban GUID's only, and this particular ban won't be removed from our ban list. You can feel free to play on non-streaming servers or servers without pb enabled on them, or purchase a new game.
  17. RoadWarrior

    Punkbuster problems

    You took my advice and started your own topic. That is a good thing. How-ever, you do need to provide some detail as well. Operating system? Vista or Windows 7? Which version? Have you right-clicked and run in compatibility mode along with checking always run as administrator? Have you allowed your firewall to allow both pnkbstra.exe and pnkbstrb.exe to pass through and connect? Have you updated your punkbuster files with the pbsetup.exe? Also, is your game patched to the latest version? We're here to help, for sure, but we will only be able to work with the information you provide. We can help better, and more often, if we have more details to work with. RW
  18. RoadWarrior

    PBb Streaming yes or no ?

    You can discuss them in SGA private areas. You are not allowed to post links to them in any area. If you have your hands on a cheat, from someone else, submit it directly to benway, and to [email protected] DO NOT OPEN IT OR TEST IT! We do chat about the cheats, but we do not try to encourage the general public to use them in any way, and we do not advertise for the cheat sites, thus keep the links off. Also, many in the past have been tempted to download and try cheats, thinking they won't get caught, and when they do, they soon find themselves on our MBi.... master of their own demise. Again, another reason to not post the links. Discussion is fine, links, not in public or private, just send them to us. Pick on a staff member, of any sort, regardless, we'll see to it it gets sent to the right place.
  19. RoadWarrior

    New Account Denial

  20. RoadWarrior

    instant kick off 2142

    You should start your own thread, so we can monitor it and help you specifically. Make sure to go into your game folder(where the game is installed within Windows/C:Drive) and run the game's updater first, then update your pb, and make sure your firewall clears it.
  21. And I replied to said-post with a "call the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-ambulance" reply. In short, he got told that his issue is not our problem. It's his. He can go buy a new game. My sympathy ends there, for him. In other words, I have none, for him, or his cheating. If having pb showing as disabled fills your servers, great! If it has to be that way, and others who play the game think they're safe....oh well? I don't have cheats installed on my computer, and the rest of you are here for exactly the same reason..... You don't either, and don't want to game against those that do. Suck them in, and spit them out. So much for a hard day's work, right? Sucks to be them, in the end.
  22. RoadWarrior

    instant kick off 2142

    They're both listed in your services list. In control panel, find System Security, then click on Administrative Tools and select Services. Make sure both are set to Automatic. As for your firewall, you may have to sort through your "blocked" list or manually add both to it's allowed list. Since each firewall is different, you'll have to refer to your firewall's instruction set/help file for the "how-to". If you're just using the built in Windows firewall, you can simply alter it's settings in the Control Panel.
  23. RoadWarrior

    instant kick off 2142

    There's generally a specific kick/error message when punkbuster kicks. Have you checked to make sure pnkbstrA.exe and pnkbstrB.exe are allowed to connect to the internet through your firewall? These two run as a service in Windows 7, Vista and XP. If your firewall is blocking either one, or both, you will get kicked constantly.
  24. RoadWarrior

    instant kick off 2142

    Can you take a screen shot of the exact kick message you're getting, or simply type it here?
  25. RoadWarrior

    instant kick off 2142

    Create a folder on your desktop simply named pb in lower-case. Download the PbSetup.exe file and put it in your newly made pb folder. Then simply run it from that location, and you can add all of your pb-enabled games to it and update them all at one time, from one convenient location. Also, since you're running Windows 7, make sure that when you're trying to run your games, that you right-click on the game's icon and select run as administrator. Some older games may need to be run in compatibility mode, recommending XP SP1 or SP2, since they work with pretty much everything.

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