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PBBans & Punksbuted


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Why dont you two 'organizations' share each others Master Ban Index (Master Ban Index (MBI)) for games , would make your current banlists from 700 to 1500 bans (all different guids i checked :P)


i currently use both pbbans and punksbusted banlists and its definatly nice to see that theres that extra bit of security via the extra ban information from both places.

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The problem is......we are two different organizations. From the front page of our site.... www.pbbans.com you can click on Master Ban Index and then Generate Ban List. At this point.....in the big box you can add any outside bans that you would like combined with the PBBans.com MBI. You can add your own personal bans or those from PsB. When you click the Create Ban List button.....it will provide you with a pbbans.dat file with all bans included.


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