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Bolt Rifle Mayhem (10/Jan/10 @ 20:30 CET)


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Sunday 10th January 2010 @ 20:30 CET


fi.gif85.157.204.114:28960 (password : brm)


64 Player Limit! - Map : Outskirts




Introduction :


Do you love bolt rifles? Are you a sharp springfield shooter or maybe an amazing arisaka aimer? do you leave other players

kar-rying? Then join in our event this Sunday 10th January 2010.


No matter what your skill come and join in the fun @ 20:30 CET and try and top the bill in a 40 minute Free-For-All marathon of bolt rifle only mayhem! For the 1337 players amongst you, show the n00bs what you're made of and prove your worth by finishing top!


Requirements :

Just turn up a few minutes before the event! You can enter at any point but we start at 20:30 CET on the dot, late comers will be at a disadvantage.


Mod :

comMod v2 - Will automatically download to yourself when connecting to the server.


Rules :


Any bolt rifle can be used, no pistols or grenades!


Only final scores will count, players who leave or who are kicked by error of punkbuster will have to reconnect and start fresh.


All players welcome, no need to be registered at our site!


Good Luck & See You There!


Times :


20:30 CET - 19:30 GMT/UTC - 14:30 EST - 13:30 CST - 12:30 MST - 11:30 PST

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