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Server log question

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In my etconsole.log one players name keeps popping up when all the other players don't. I removed the ETPro guid but here is an example.


[ETPRO GUID] [win32]

etpro IAC: 4yr8TFifisuKFAR-SkiwPki3XHlvCQ0PUc0HVjmnqdP--hj2+mogFy-B7DZgQyP7Th4bPnYy6ogcGd3bLvmdvm84kboRp-7LUYvjmeUMinW41jjliwJOtNOr1Vlb7e7U+JwYW+-7UeRkl+fmuMfi73yflWavG9-qdRz0ysc


The last part with all those random letters and numbers kept changing and changing and this doesn't happen with any other player. Hacks?

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ETPro GUID's are worthless. As for ETPro's integrated anti-cheat.. really, how old and outdated is it?


Seriously, concentrate on Punkbuster GUID's and get your server(s) streaming here. You'll then have the benefit of the latest MD5 and CVAR cheat detections courtesy of PBBans.

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