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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Tournament


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Hi I'm from [ECC] www.euro-corps-clan.co.uk host clan to the newly founded Bad Company 2 Tournament located here www.badcompanytournament.com.


We wanted to do something different to the usual ladders and leagues tournaments, so we thought about a Conquer stile tournament.


The Tournament will be made up of 2 armies of about 20 players each. The armies will be made up from however many clans it takes to get the desired number of players for example a army might consist of 10 clans with 2 players each or one large clan with 20 players. The armies will fight over a large area called the

battle map.


Each battle will occur at 7pm GMT Sunday where 3 maps will be played consisting of 2 rounds. The winning army will be able to choose the following weeks maps to be played and also where to attack next on the battle map. This structure will be carried on a weekly basis for 10 weeks as this will be the tour of duty for each campaign.


The tournament will be run by 4 admins with each army having there own OC and each clan there own representative to be in charge of there respective clan.


We are a heavily community based tournament with a large emphasis on fun. Our aim is to make every members experience a fun and sociable one.


As it could not be in another way, we will enforce the use PPBans scripts on all matches.


Please sign up here www.badcompanytournament.com if you are interested in joining and come have some fun in our friendly communal environment.


Tournament is planed to start at 21st of march.


Thank you for you time.


Greetings form ECC.

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