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Tribes 2 Multiplayer - Free and Full Game-


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Hello Again Folks, today i present you Tribes 2 a great Multiplayer game with support to up to 64 players .




Features and Background


Set in a distante future the game have tons of weapons and vehicles, you get to fly bikes like the speeders from Star Wars, transport ships and assault tanks, most vehicles require two players, a pilot and a gunner.


You also get a fancy suit with a jetpack included, the suit have variations like light,medium and heavy armored . The Torque game engine despite its age provides good graphics and wide open areas to fight, game modes varies from Siege to Ctf, in siege one team defends the base while the other tries to destroy it .


Its worth the download anyway .


Here are the download links, you must download the game and the Patch to connect to the online servers . Vu Games deactivated the authentication servers but the community created a new One .




This a community game, so by playing you keep the game alive, while im writing this post there are 49 servers online.


Have Fun you All :)

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