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Battlefield 1943


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I may have missed or overlooked but but I don't rhink I've seen anything about this yet sooo....


With it due out soon for the PC (2 weeks I think) will PBBans be covering Battlefield 1943 or has this been subject to the same runaround that we've seen with Bad Company 2 ?


Given that it has the same Frostbite Engine and the amount of hassles that BC 2 has incured to date, I'm in 2 minda about whethewr or not to buy i but so far it has price in its favor (as well as look) and PBBans coverage would be a major factor in deciding.


I was talking with a fellow clanmate last nmight and we got to discussing BF1943 andf wondering just how much of an impact the headaches from BC 2 will have on the release of BF 1943 and whether EA/DICE have incorporated any of the lessons learned in the last 3 weeks into the new release as well as any fixes for issues known.


Anywho...just curious.


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Well as of right now, I do not believe that it has been announced that PB will be in BF1943. If it is however, I don't see much of a chance of it being supported here if there are no public server files after the "fun" we have had with BFBC2. However, that is MaydaX's area to give you solid answers for.

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bf1943 has PB and it all depends on how well BC2 works out. Having no public server files and extremely limited access to servers from rsps is a pain to say the least.

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