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Question concerning PB-Commands


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Hi there,

there are various PB-commands and I barely know anything about that, so sorry for that noobish question following.

If I issue a command for instance "pb_sv_getSS" how does PB recognize it was issued by an admin? See, I am running a BFBC2-Server and in-game there is no explicite console, you simply type it in the chat with slash -> /pb_sv_getSS. Everyone can do that but how does the server recognize the admin and thus differs between normal user and a user with privileges (admin)?

Somehow the server has to, otherwise every player would mess with the PB-settings ;D.


Well, I hope you could help me out ;)



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pb_sv_* commands can only be done server-side. This means via either RCON or UCON. Only client commands can be executed via chat :)





Thanks for that :)

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