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[FAQ] Freeze/lockup


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General hint:

If you are getting full lockups of the computer when entering a PB enabled Server, do the following:

- check if it happens on non-PB server

- check for latest graphics driver

- check for latest chipset driver

- if you have a SATA controller - see below



nForce4-Users getting a freeze or lockup when joining a server should make sure they install up-to-date nForce drivers (the original drivers for nForce4 are known to cause problems).





SiS 96x Chipset + SATA:

Installing http://driver3.sis.com/raid/raid303.zip fixes the issue.


Silicon Image Sil 3x12A SATA RAID:

Installing this driver will fix the issue. Note that it is just for RAID controller.


ULi 1695 Chipset:

Intalling this driver will fix the issue.


SATA controller:

Check what SATA controller was built into your system. Check on the controller manufacturers website for updated drivers (especially WHQL drivers).

If none was found check the chipset manufacturers website for such a driver, after that check the mainboards manufacturers website.

If no success at all these places do the following:

Delete the driver in the device manager. Let windows find the driver and let it search for a capable driver at "windows update". It should find a WHQL certified driver now. That should work.


Also, close all other programs (especially debuggers both user mode and kernel), they could be interfering with PB.


If you find a solution that is not listed here let us know in the Trouble Ticket System here.

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