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2.4 Version


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So what do you guys think about the new menu's and the new game engine?


Here is my thought about this game and the new update. I like the new maps alot. Here are some down falls of the new version.


1. There is a map that is worthless.

2. You can not get rid of objectives on your screen.

3. The new menus are hard to get used to.

4. When you pick weapons. Sometimes your name disapears and you have to pick



Well there are a few of my dislikes about the new version. Lets see what you come up with.

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i think the new version sucks!!!!


with the 16bit wall hack and the new ghost hack.


THANKS DEVS for destroying a good game

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i think the new version sucks!!!!


with the 16bit wall hack and the new ghost hack.


THANKS DEVS for destroying a good game


First of al Ghosting is telling over TS where E is hiding.


Second the 16 bit wal hack is a problem of PB they are working on it.


I hate PB for the moment they dont have a good PB screenshot for 2.4


they get with night vision the most hackers screens i have ever seen but because it is also working for me it sucks.


Then some people can see shadows through walls without a hack.


PB screenshots dont show anything of that.


They destroyed the handy tool from CROBRAA where you can put your keybinds in handy.


If you follow to make your keybinds by Americasarmy.com they dont even WORK.



I like the new admin tools like playeradmin the F12 command screen and admin message you can say.


the new maps are verry good.


What map is worthless???? i did not find that one

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To clarify, The Devs did not destroy the game. They actually took a big gamble and brought the came towards a more modern time. Consider with the newest version they have improved the graphics, made the whole game use a more modern engine and set up for future to be added, So if you would be so kind please explain to me how that is destroying the game.


There are always bugs with games, no matter how slight. The game is provided to you the end user free of charge and people still find time to bitch and complain about this and that. The Bitching about the game is one of the reasons I have all but given up on AA myself. I still pub on a rare occasion but, in general I stick with playing COD:UO. I never experienced all of the bugs that people have always talked about or even half of the fatal errors people claimed to have.


I think people should sit back and accept the game for what it is and just anjoy it. Instead of stating People have destroyed this they messed that up. Do you possibly know the total number of different hardware combinations that software has to be written to work with? I am not even going as far to ask brand specific combos, Now in a perfect world all the IBM COMPATIBLE machines would be 100% COMPATIBLE. This is not a perfect world so there for not every combo is going to be 100% COMPATIBLE.


So before people start bitching, they need to figure if they can actually write the software better then the DEV that did, Then if they can answer yes WHY IN THE HELL AINT THEY THE ONE WRITING IT THEN?

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I dont say it is a bad game i say it is shit that the keybinds dont work well but oke.


and that a GREAT TOOL like COBRAA is not working because of the new menu in AA 2.4 The rest of the game is verry good


Second most things is PB's problem and not the America's Army DEV.




But I am a Debugger for many types of software.


I know what the Unreal engine can do.

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