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Im Niko better known as [-PB-]Punisher from Game42.com which is fairly new Finnish server provider and our datacenter is located in Helsinki. We want to offer quality gaming services for the gamers and also include some webhosting along with the "normal" Game&Voice concept :) Soo, to cut it short, if youre up for nice running servers, with no extra hassle or perhaps voip server, just hop onto our website and check out whats up, we can also be reached via irc #Game42 @quakenet, our pricing is relatively simple to remember, those games which run under linux envinronment are basic list prices of 1euro/slot and our servers can be set up to support almost any mod available for those games, we have also windows capability, so basically every game can be hosted by us, if there is server packages available :) OH, and remember to stay tuned, BC2 is stepping into our product line SOON! :)


Game42 Website


and last but not least, dont hesitate to send your questions to [email protected], were glad to answer those and also make nice offer for clan packages overall, just let us know what you need :)

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ahh, already forgot to tell ya guys, but were also offering BF:BC2 ranked servers, been out from us like week or so, price mere 1euro/slot and procon hosting +3e/month onto it, so if youre insterested in low ping server hosted @Helsinki, just hop onto our pages and make your order ;)

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