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R8 Manual Download


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For those having download issues:


Hi all,


we've noticed the troubles some of you have had downloading the patch. Most of this is because the current version of BFBC2Updater.exe does not resume gracefully.


We should ideally make a stand-alone installer version of the patch. That is going to take some time, so for now, I have put together a plain .zip file which you can apply over your existing game installation.



* This is for the non-Steam version ONLY

* This is only useful if the updater fails somewhere during the updating process -- it won't help if the updater isn't even able to see the update online

* Copy the contents of the .zip archive over any version of the installed game, and overwrite existing files

* EA does not offer technical support for this package, you apply it at your own risk


Here is a link to the archive: http://static.cdn.ea.com/dice/u/f/bf...195_553292.zip



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