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PB Rcon and Undetected WH


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I know, since I don't stream to pbbans it means nothing, caught this hacker on my server today and banned his GUID, might want to take a look at the website he posts.... and start detecting those...


**known malware cheats advert - removed**


2: One of my admins took this screenshot. Our servers make use of the powerpoints facility built in, so to kick a player, he enters /pb_rcon pb_sv_kick [slot] [time] [reason] (no need to login via rcon, no password, limited commands based on level of admin). See the name in kills going on before and after he issues a /pb_power and /pb_plist... name of the person he wants to remove is "O" (without qoutes) yet that names does not show up...

In the end the person "^_^" was the player - he found it out by comparing the list each person. If you know why this happened, or how, we would love to know.


post-158419-029891400 1278129385_thumb.png

(appears im outta upload room, so uped at imageshack)


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