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I was playing the American side the other day.....and noticed some bad guys on the deck of the carrier and they hijacked our BlackHawk. They took off....and the folks on the deck were pounding them. The helicopter dropped down below the top of the carrier to what appeared to be a certain doom......but no crash. I was amazed to discover that when I jumped off the top of the carrier to get in the raft boats.....to find the damn helicopter actually had landed inside the carrier!


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Ok, I was in our demo server last week. It was me and about 3 other guys (2 on 2). We were all pretty much goofing around trying to learn how to fly the planes. I noticed the guy on my team getting in the Blackhawk while I was getting in the Apache. So I decided I would follow him and practice giving him support to land troops.


He flew out from the carrier a little bit then turned around. I followed him the best I could until he started hoving above the water (his wheels were actually in the water a little). I am not that steady that low so I was a bit higher hoving. I watched as he slowly inched his way into the boat dock area of the carrier and land it on that platform. I was so amazed, that I ended up crashing my own Apache. I have tried to do this many, many times, but when I get close to the water to start hoving in, I crash.

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