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Much players banned by server admin.


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My clan has some CoD servers, which are running perfectly. When we are going to play a clanwar or just playing for fun at our public, some other players cannot connect because of this message: "You are banned by server admin". I looked it up in the banlist of our server, but it is empty. So I thought they must be banned by Punkbuster. I told them, but how strange it is, they can connect to other servers with PB on. We have had this problem not once, but several times. And all times they had no problems connecting to other servers.

Can you help me on this?





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Well, there is 2 kind of list, a pbbans.dat (punkbuster ban list) and the admin ban list. There is 2 way you can ban someone, using 2 different command. If your a server admin and have acess to the server database, go there and check, the admin ban list is located in the folder from where your server.cfg is located. If you use a mod, it will probably be in the mod folder. For that file to load, the command line should appear in the server.cfg.


Hell, i was runing 3 ban list on my sof2 server!!

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