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Great Idea For An Anti-Cheat Admin Tool


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I thought of a great new tool that would help admins figure out who could be cheating.


How it works,

It would retrieve a users kill/death ratio via http://bfbcs.com/ and then display it in-game in a console in the top right corner.


Any user who would have an extremely high k/d ratio would be displayed in red.


Allowing an admin to get a sense of who is cheating... In the end it would be the admins decision on who get banned or kicked.


What it would look like,


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Lesson one:


You can never ever tell if anyone is cheating just by checking k/d or stats...;)


Good stats -> Good player or padder or cheater


"Normal" stats -> Normal skilled player or non skilled cheating player, just using the cheat to be a normal player...


who knows?

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