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They said i can got here solution


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I search everywhere for solution for this. I write down here what is all about.

GGC Forums


I saw that was possibility for Battlefield 2 doing this. For Bf2 is here solution:




Is there any possibility with PB to make sure that the 2 lines in settings.ini which cause the pingtweak can be prohibited? or if in progress, it will cause a kick by punkbuster? with MD5tool it was solved in BF2


Could anyone tell me the exact orders, or proper(default) values for interpolation, and defaultlatencycompensation, which can be typed into MD5?

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Purely technically, yes.

Usefully, no, as it would depend on _all_ settings being the same for all players... Including game resolution, graphics settings, volume.





Is it possible to make atleast 6 configs low medium high and some other. And how?

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