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pb ban?


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pb banned me form all project reality servers.... (bf2 mod)

and i dont understand why.

i got the game from a friend i think for my brithday and it worked fine until like coupple of months ago.

i searched my guid or whatever and it says cannt vieuw clean players...


but im still banned on all good servers.

i only play project reality.


guid is: bd6196c2 and username beingmad.95

( i got many usernames but thats the most recent one)


please unban me couse im a really good player use my mic all the time, like doing teamwork with a medic and stuff and im always friendly.

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The GUID you pointed out is globally banned by EvenBalance. With the number of IPs from various countries, it's not surprising.


There are 2 choices:

You're either using a keygen. Or you're buying keys from an online cd-key store, which are scams. Either way, stop being cheap and buy a retail copy from a legit store. ;)




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