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Please rate all BC2 Rush/Conquest Maps


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I have posted this on both US/UK EA bc2 forums; I hope this is ok, the more reponses the better.


I am working on new map rotations for one of our servers and would really appreciate some feed back from the bc2 community.


Below is a survey I have created to rate maps and server settings to get an idea of the types of servers that you enjoy playing on the most. Any further information you would like to provide is also appreciated; if i get a sufficient response; I will post tabulated results.


Thank you in advance for your time and feedback.


Survey Instructions:


(1)Copy and paste the following list and questions in your reply.


(2) Type beside each map name a # between 0-10 (0=Hate Map/10=Love Map) (If you are unfamiliar with a map please rate it with a ?)


(3) Please Delete all the incorrect answers from the end questions; rated on Never/Sometimes/Always.






Panama Canal Rating:


Laguna Alta Rating:


Atacama Desert Rating:


Arica Harbor Rating:


White Pass Rating:


Nelson Bay Rating:


Laguna Presa Rating:


Port Valdez Rating:


Oasis Rating:


Harvest Day Rating:


Heavy Metal Rating:





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Below are my answers.






Panama Canal Rating: 8


Laguna Alta Rating: 6


Atacama Desert Rating: 8


Arica Harbor Rating: 6


White Pass Rating: 6


Nelson Bay Rating: ?


Laguna Presa Rating: 6


Port Valdez Rating: 7


Oasis Rating: 10


Harvest Day Rating: 6


Heavy Metal Rating: 6







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Please continue to fill out the survey so we can get the best picture of what the community is looking for out there. Thank you to all that have submitted so far!!!!


If you don't think the ratings look right to you, fill out a survey and put in your 2 cents worth!!!!




***Preliminary Results with 40 surveys filled out and tabulated.






Highest Rated: Panama Canal


Lowest Rated: Nelson Bay






Highest Rated: Valpara

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