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Hi. My brother recentely bought a server for BC2 and wants PBBans to stream. I'm knew to the PBBan's thing. He made me an assistant-Admin.


We are confused about something. My brother, and I, and our friends - the [DSK] clan members - don't have a forum dedicated to gaming or BFBC2 in particular. We use Skype to talk to one another instead of forums. So how do we go about getting PBBans Hub streaming?


I created a Category/Sub-Forum on my own personal forums - which isn't gaming dedicated - but most members of the [DSK] Clan aren't into that sort of thing. I can give you the link to a post that I created in the sub-forum for [DSK] Clan that has the Team Roster and server info in it. Will that be enough?


I've already asked the members of [DSK] Clan about going to a forum to participate for the game and PBBans and they just asked why when we already use Skype for all that. They all work, and only have so much time to deal with going to a forum when all they want to do is go to the clan server and have fun for a few hours at night.


So any suggestions, or help, would be greatly appreciated. We are willing to stream any of our Bans to PBBans to add to your list, and we definately want PBB Hub on our server. So I'm at a loss on what to do now.


I truly hope you can help. Here is the link to that post I told you about, linkage.






[DSK] Downeast Shit Kickers Clan

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