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Signed up on the 20th, still not streaming. 10 hackers..


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As was pointed out to such a question before the Holidays...


All the PBBans "employees" are volunteers and the applications are processed by only a few certain people.

So the system probably got a bit backed up with personal time.....just be patient


As for the steaming part....that can only be set up once your account has been established by staff...and its you that sets that up the streaming, not them.

Theres a whole section of the forums dedicated to it...instrcutions on how to do it etc


Hope this helped a bit.

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No viewable clan roster was found on your website.

The link to the forums doesn't work.


Re-apply after fixing both.




What link to forums? It asked for the website and i put in www.terwax.com

If it asked for forums, i'd have put in forums.terwax.com


and what clan roster are they talking about? Is it the member list? It can be found on the forums page and its populated, 58 players..

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All requirements can be found here:



We need to see a clan roster (list of just those members who wear your tags). It can be as simple as a pinned topic in your forums.


When you apply again, put the link to the forums in the comments section. It would also help if you can put a link to the clan roster there as well.

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