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Ban Wrong!


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OneKnight[TyM] was kicked for: PunkBuster kicked player 'OneKnight[TyM]' (for 60 minutes) ... PBBansHub: Enforced a prior ban on GUID 1de971d8dc1b609a6f30c8e94eb49bf2. Visit PBBans.com for details. [Admin Decision]


The stream GGC told me that was a mistake in PB, but I can not even enter the sector playing gamer HC server error for a PB! Having played so many liars that I forbid my game more than clean, and most belong to a large CLAN! I need a solution.

Try entering the server where I was expelled and the pb me out of the game.

Lik image


Send a ticket on the 28th of January to the PB that still did not even respond.

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