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Intel Discovers Bug in 6-Series Chipset: Begins Recall


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Intel just announced that it has identified a bug in the 6-series chipset, specifically in its SATA controller. Intel states that "In some cases, the Serial-ATA (SATA) ports within the chipsets may degrade over time, potentially impacting the performance or functionality of SATA-linked devices such as hard disk drives and DVD-drives.".



The Fix

The SATA bug exists in hardware and there

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Almost built a new rig with this new platform. Glad I decided to stick with my old i7.


It's not a show stopper bug if you only have two SATA devices. I have 2 HDD's that I run on the SATA3 ports and one DVD drive. MSi allows for Advanced RMA in which they send you a replacements first if you have a credit card.

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