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Call of Duty 4 Promod Server Issues (Please Help!)


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I am running a server off my PC, just for the occasional scrim or for fun when my friends want to play something fun.


I had the downloading working fine, and because promod is such a small file to download, i had it set to download off the server. (takes about 5 seconds)


While I had it working, there was no server.cfg file present. This was because of the way I set up the server (I copied the files from another mod, renamed it to promodlive206_cg, Started cod4 and loaded the mod, said "start new server", set it to dedicated, found the mod file, and made a custom ruleset using winrar and the already existing one that was from the Digitalbattlefild Server.) I later got one because I wanted to have map rotations working.


When I got all the settings working, I invited my friend on to play. He didn't have the mod, and when he tried to download it from the server, It tried to download the same file twice, causing CoD4 to freeze up. He had to disconnect and reconnect three times before he could finally join the server.


Basically the problem is that the client is trying to download the promodlive206.iwd and z_custom_ruleset.iwd files twice. I have no idea why this might be happening, but it would be HUGELY appreciated if you would help. Thanks!



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Tell him to delete his mods/promodlive206 folder before connecting.

OR you have different iwd files on your server and your http redirect (even 1 byte off will start this looping), try copying the files directly off your server back to your redirect server.

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