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so i left my clan due to drama and issues with people that wanted to follow rules. anyways long story short i will be starting a new clan soon and would like to find out how to change my team info here. of if i have to cancel my account and make a new one or what. can some one help? i have stopped the server streaming but it still shows up with my old clan name

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I'd make a post in the account questions and troubleshooting forum: http://www.pbbans.com/forums/account-questions-and-troubleshooting-private-f553.html


Ask to be removed from your team account. It would probably benefit your old clan if you have one of them step up to become the master user for the old account so they can still stream under the clan name, if they have PB servers. Ask to have so and so made the master user if you have sub admins tied to it.


And if you're starting up a new clan and have a PB enabled server, and fit the streaming requirements you might have to put in a new app with new information.

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