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[UKC] project for BC2 Needing volunteers


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[uKC] is planning on setting the par for battlefields longest explosion domino. So if you want to be in a video with [uKC] resgister yourself up


What we are looking for:


a FULL server (32players)

A mature attitude to acheive our goal of longest chain explosion (still can have fun acheiving this goal)

ppl with a bit of time to kill on a weekend

Use of teamspeak 3 to co-ordinate

everyone needs to bring assualt with 6 C4's

available time on the 1st may 4pm GMT



This is with just 2 ppl now imagine a 32 explosion event. We are planning on beable to knock thru building vehicles stuff like that to make it more dramatic. we also made already a test on Valparaiso and we can reach the last base from first attacker spawn with all 192 C4 packs. we are not sure yet wich map we gonna use for this but its gonna be probably Arica Harbor (mb we can do more maps if ppl interested and got enough time to waste :P ) Again so if your interested leave a post with your battlefield Soldier name on our Forum and we will add you to the event. Server will be locked in this time so everyone who signed up for this will get a password to join our server. If you dont want to sign up on our page send me a pm with your Soldiername please.



[uKC] Universal-killaz clan

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