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Echelon2, B3 and PBBans


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I'm a developing Echelon2 for the B3 Bot (bigbrotherbot.net) echelon2 is a server admin tool, used to manage B3 and the clients who have connected to a server, it allows you to manage bans, view chat logs by players, among other things. It supports a wide variety of games (Q3A based games, CoD (1,2,4,5,6,7), BFBC2, MoH, Homefront, Altitude). Obviously some of these games are unrelated to PBBans completley but some are also very related.


Echelon2 is setup to link GUID's for players to an off site look up to see if the GUID has been banned, there has been requests that instead of linking to the current site could we link to pbbans. At the moment I don't see an easy way to do that, but I would like to provide people with the option of doing so.


The easiest way to link of course would be via a url that could be filled in for example http://www.pbbans.com/mbi.php?guid= with the guid appended. Judging by looking at the MBI search page it seems apparent you have had trouble with people remote linking before. Another solution that would be quite acceptable I think, would be to have Echelon2 link instead to the MBI search page, again appending GUID in a similar method, but still requiring the admin to type in the CAPTCHA information themselves. But this information would help a admin determine if a player is a known cheater and deal with them by linking to the pbbans database, at the same time they would be directed to the pbbans page to view this so they would be both aware of where they are checking the bans against, as well as learning about the streaming ban options.


Any thoughts or opinions? If what I am asking for the ability to do is already possible then I sincerely apologize and I just haven't found a way to do it (not without using cURL and making fake POST data submissions, which I decided would be cheating and a malicous use of this nice resource you have put together here).



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We have an xml feed for that :)


:blink: Perfect! That's wonderful :) Mhmm so much can be done with that :) Thank you!


Did you want a (small) banner stuck on the bottom of the pages when we are using the feeds/an icon next to the stuff pulled from PBBans? And I'm assuming you'd like to be linked off of the start login/credit links section? I do want to make sure you guys get the credit for having put this stuff together. :)

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I tried PMing Maydax, I tried hanging out in IRC for approx 10 hours, I tried posting here, but no dice.

If anyone else uses this on a regular basis and can explain why I would get no .xml back, or knows who I can contact for more info, please do share.

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Depends on what xml feeds you are using. Some have flood protection now due to ddos attacks towards them in the past.


Also our site itself has various anti-flood protection for the same reason.

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