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Reporting People Stat Padding


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Well, just got people on our nutz server stat padding, Pics are here:-


3 Knife kills in 20 seconds made us suspisious and people were on the outskerts of the map

Posted Image


Then i went to investigate and got these before they shot me:-

Posted Image

Posted Image


So i went in a APC and took some more pics of them stat padding:-

Posted Image

Posted Image


There names all begin with *5e|* and the 3 people on the server here are:-






If this is in wrong place i apologise



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This is what i got from Battlefield2 web site(EA,and DICE):


Battlefield 2 Server Message

It has come to our attention that some groups that have rented ranked servers from our partners have chosen to set aside normal gameplay and enforce exploitation of the game logic. This violates EA's "Ranked Server" policy and will not be tolerated.

Groups found to be encouraging this behavior on ranked servers that they have leased risk having their servers de-listed and potentially being prohibited from leasing a Ranked server from any of our partners. Any players found on servers that have institutionalized exploitation of the game system will have their accrued stats reviewed and potentially wiped. A further investigation will be made to review the stats for all members of the group that organized the exploitation. 

We have notified all ranked server partners to monitor for this sort of behavior and to report it moving forward. If you are playing on a Ranked server and observe this behavior, please report it on the forums at www.bf2rankedservers.com.

i hope that help.

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are u part of that boycott thing that is going on against EA?


Edited by [SMS]Rantage on Jul 15 2005 8:33AM

What boycott?
The boycott of the newly-announced Battlefield 2 "special forces" expansion pack. Jumpy-B-L started a thread here. Maybe there's something more organized elsewhere, but this is the first mention I've read of.

WHY boycott it?
EA/DICE are already working on selling us an expansion pack for a game that a) was released in an extremely buggy state, b) was so ineptly patched after release that the patch itself was withdrawn, and c) is currently suffering from a long list of serious technical and gameplay issues.

What is a boycott supposed to accomplish?
It's the only way we gamers can give EA any kind of black eye. Bitching and moaning on messageboards has no effect -- this has been demonstrated time and again over the last few years. Petitions are equally worthless.

Not purchasing EA's product (and convincing your friends to do the same), on the other hand, deprives EA of the only thing they apparently care about: money. An expansion pack that doesn't sell cuts into EA's profits.

Most importantly, a poor-selling title that has been actively boycotted by the gamers themselves sends a far more potent message: that the gaming community refuses to continue supporting companies that don't support their products.

At worst, a boycott deprives EA of sales. At best, it pressures them to be more aggressive in patching BF2 and supporting the community by releasing mod tools now.

Isn't that worth a shot? 

Why bother now? The expansion is months away!
I've seen this argument, and don't accept it. The time to start bad word-of-mouth amongst the gaming community is now...not when the title is almost on store shelves and subject to impulse buys by gamers or their families. 

What can you do to support the boycott?
Obviously, don't buy the expansion.

More importantly, spread the word. Put your support of the boycott in your signatures. If you've got blogs, post your reasons for supporting it. Tell your gamer friends. Inform anybody who may buy you a birthday or Christmas gift that you do not want this software.
Who I am
I don't consider myself a rabble-rouser or an enemy of corporate America. I try to not to pitch a fit when I don't get my way immediately. I'm a 35-year-old software engineer, father of two, played my first computer game in the late 1970s, really was in the military and have been playing multiplayer games for over a decade. 

That's fine. If you can respond in a mature manner, I'd love to hear why.

To further info go here:



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Like I said earlier .... EA will never get one more cent of my money. They left the BFV community hanging after we supported their product, the are raping the BF2 community and making millions of their "ranked" over priced laggy ass servers.


Any new patch in the works for BF2 is 99% stat related, the only way a person will be able to continue their BF2 expierence is to purchase the expansion pack. I hope BF2 dies a quick and horrible death, and the gamerz return to the jungle where they belong. I know BFV had some net code problems, and some serious imbalances, but nothing compares to the vehicle heavy BF2.


I support the bycott, I have personally talked with the developers/makers of BFV (Dice Canada) who were wronged by the big bad EA games, and now EA games is doing it again. EA is not concerned about fixing BF2, they are only concerned about selling/renting their ranked servers.


Enjoy the piece of shit game while you can, it will be obsolete and unsupported with the expansion packs, unless the gaming community takes action.

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Enjoy the piece of shit game while you can, it will be obsolete and unsupported with the expansion packs, unless the gaming community takes action.

DAMN!!!!!!!! :bigO: :biga: ,thats what i call angry ppl,i understand,im not part of the boycott but i read about it and yeah its true,thats how USA handle this economy stuff,they're money minded,if we can say it like that,its all about MONEY.

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