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Punkbuster kicking without reason?


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The other night during a CAL match, a member on our team who we have all known for years, was booted multiple times for a violation, but he was never banned. So, we figured it was just a glitch in the game or punkbuster and whatnot. The guy honestly doesn't cheat and I know some must be thinking "well of course he is going to defend his clanmate," but I really do believe and trust this guy and have even met him personally to validate his character. Now I'm positive that if we had lost the match, then we would have never heard of this again, but of course the opposing team had to be whiny little bitches and try and squeeze a win out of the situation in any possible way.


[09.25.2005 21:56:14] VIOLATION (MD5TOOL) #9002: InnocentVictim (slot #4) MD5Tool Mismatch: RendDX9.dll (len=2048) [GUID(-)]


This is the supposed "hack". What exactly is punkbuster accusing this guy of doing?

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Yeah, after some extensive research, we found that his file was just never updated through patching for some reason and this is why he was kicked. Unfortunately the league anti-cheat admin dismissed this as impossible without even checking into it. Hopefully, the evidence we present him will convince him otherwise, but it is still irritating that people would log these as reasons to kick people and admins that don't know any better would just immediatly look at this situation and deduce that it must be cheating.

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