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BF2 1.03 Patch Released


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well yesterday i installed my new patch 1.03

i played for two hours yesterday. today i logged in unlocked my guns because of the patch. then i wanted to connect to server got a msg:

my cd-key is not valid

is this a :ban2:

anyone know what is happening its frustrating me?

:flaminmad: ::::any reply would be tnkfull ;):::

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EA sent me this a while back it may help you as well:


This error usually indicates an error in the Windows registry after a game patch is installed. To resolve this, you will need to enter your CD key again using a Utility called Battlefield 2_code.exe.


Please follow the steps below:

1. Double Click My Computer.

2. Double Click the C: drive.

3. Double Click the Program Files folder.

4. Double Click the EA Games folder.

5. Double Click the Battlefield 2 folder.

6. Double Click the Support folder.

7. Double Click the file called 'Battlefield 2_code'.

8. Enter your CD key into the boxes provided and click 'Next'.

NOTE: Disregard the error about the image not loading on the left hand side.

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i did that and a lot of other things i tried i uninstalled and reinstalled like 6 times now still get the same thing but now i deleted my profile. tried to retrieve it but cant find it

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I found this:


Thanks to a couple of responses from readers this morning we've found a distinct problem with the latest patch for Battlefield 2. It looks like the 1.03 patch encrypts the CD-key value in the windows registry. Most likely this is done to avoid the theft of CD-keys by malicious software while you're playing online. It's a clever move.


Unfortunately, it looks like this encryption of the CD-key is specific to the Windows User Account that was used to install the patch. If any other Windows user attempts to play the game on the same machine they are given a message saying the key is invalid.


So far we haven't been able to contact EA for comment. Thanks to Breen Oullette for his detailed description of what seems to have gone wrong on his machines.

I used the Battlefield 2_code to re-enter my cd-key since i reformated windows and was too lazy to reinstall the game lol and I get the same error. Seems the patch encrypts the key but their Battlefield 2_code doesn't encrypt the code.


Others seem to be having this issue as well.


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okay man

well i tried almost everything now thats simple

like reinstalling and installing

with an copy paste thing in some other forum tried reinstalling and installing without anti virus or firewall on nothing

gonna update my driver chek again

how did u do that with 454 characters?

im noobie :lol: on pc's dont know anything about coding

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