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RO2 PB Kicks


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If you're getting kicked shortly after entering the server it may be because PunkBuster is not enabled and you get kicked for "VIOLATION (COMFAIL) #133"


To enable it you will need to extract the attached zip file in two locations (one if your running Windows XP).


Quit the game before doing the following:


First location is the game directory located in

<Steam Install Folder>\steamapps\common\redorchestra2beta\Binaries\Win32\pb


After extracting the pbclgame.cfg file to the above, launch the game and it should copy all the files needed to the location listed below for Windows 7 / Vista users.


If your are still getting kicked, check to see if the following location exists and that the pbclgame.cfg file exists.




You can also use



I also included a picture of where to enter the above path.







Another reason could be you don't have the PB Service installed.


Goto the following location and run pbsvc_hos.exe to install it.




A basic guide for installing PB Servicescan be found at


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