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R11 Patch


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Some users are experiencing problems with BFBC2's auto-updater. For those users, we offer a manual-update alternative.


Note that this manual-update alternative is not compatible with the Steam version of BFBC2.


First, ensure that you have at least 5GB of free diskspace.


Download this package: http://static.cdn.ea.com/dice/u/f/bf...5745_Patch.exe


Then launch the executable.


It will decompress and then process for some seconds, and if your game client is not up to date, it will suggest that you are to update to version 795745. If you select "yes", then the patch process will commence and in 5-15 minutes your game client should now be updated to Client R11.


The RSPs will begin updating game servers on Wed Sep 21st, so if you install this patch earlier than that date, you will not be able to see any servers. In that case all you need to do is wait for Wednesday to come by.



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BFBC2 PC Client R11 will be released on Sep 21st

Despite the release of BF3 being around the corner, we haven't forgotten all about Bad Company 2. We have a game update ready for BFBC2 PC, which is coming out this week. It is client R11. The exact build number is 795745.



What is the patch about?

Its main purpose is to address stability problems with the game and performance issues.

It is not intended to address game logic fixes, or to provide new content.



You are being vague. Exact changelist please!

  • Removed some memory leaks
  • Fixed crashes when the game attempted to render lots of content (high detail, high FOV or multiple-monitor modes); this should particularly help multi-monitor users
  • Chat window no longer causes lag spikes
  • Chat window reworked opacity & visibility-time is controllable through settings in settings.ini
  • Clantag is remembered when using auto-login
  • Banner URLs can be up to 252 characters in length
  • SecuROM wrapper removed from non-Steam version
  • Minor performance enhancements
  • Reduced rubberbanding on >24p servers
  • PrintScreen takes a screenshot, file stored in Documents\BFBC2\Screenshots directory

How large is the patch?

It is approximately 2.6GB.



That's huge man. Given that size, I would expect dinosaur survival mode to be included.

The patch itself contains all previous patches rolled into one. While it would have been technically possible to create a smaller patch for those who have Client R10 installed already, that would have delayed the release of the patch even further - so we thought it better to release a larger patch now, than a smaller patch sometime in the future.



Are there any known problems with it?

If your Windows username contains non-English characters (such as

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