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Scorched Earth - Clan Knockout Tournament for RO2


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"Scorched Earth - A massive clan knockout tournament for Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad"

Compete with 32 clans from the United States and Europe and become a Champion!


With the game knocking on the door' date=' we are happy to announce to you a massive tournament for Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad in which you compete with a total of 32 clans out of the United States and Europe for the Ultimate title. [b']Grab your chance and get ready[/b] as we will open our pre sign-ups on the 19th of September!



Scorched Earth is a knockout tournament for Red Orchestra2: Heroes of Stalingrad played in the countdown gametype.

With the tournament split into two divisions, 16 European clans and 16 clans from North America, your clan has to knock itself through each round to reach the two-legged grand final with a match being played in both continents between the winners of the USA and European divisions.



Forgotten Honor together with Tripwire Interactive and The Wild Bunch is bringing you this exciting knockout tournament with our official EU servers being sponsored by Gamingdeluxe.co.uk and our USA servers sponsored by NFOservers!


Get your gear together and do not miss the sign-ups for the clans opening on September 19th.

More information about the sign-ups will follow soon!



Forgotten Honor - http://www.forgottenhonor.com/

Red Orchestra 2 - Heroes of Stalingrad - http://www.heroesofstalingrad.com

The Wild Bunch - http://www.twbclan.com

Gamingdeluxe - http://www.gamingdeluxe.co.uk/

NFOservers - http://www.nfoservers.com/





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