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RO2 SDK Preview Release


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We have put a "Preview Release" of the RO2 SDK up on Steam. We're calling it a preview release because not all functionality is enabled yet (actually functionality is pretty limited). As such instead of making it available to everyone, we're going to be giving out Steam keys to people that want to give the preview SDK a whirl. We'll give pretty much any one that wants to a key, just be aware that is basically "unsupported" at this point and is for early adopters/people that just can't wait smile.gif


So what does it include:


- All of the Unrealscript code for the game

- The Unreal editor


What works:

- You should be able to compile the Unrealscript code and play around with that

- With levels you can open, edit, build, save, and fly around in them


What doesn't work or hasn't been tested:

- Pretty much everything else

- You can't play levels yet. If you start them up in PIE (play in editor) you can fly around in the level, but the editor will crash if you try and spawn by choosing a team. The levels made in the editor won't run within the live build of the game yet either.

- Mutators may or may not work, we haven't tested creating/running them with this SDK yet


System Requirements:

- A really fast quad core machine

- 64 Bit OS and Machine

- 10 Gigs of ram to build some of the larger maps

- A fast video card with lots of ram won't hurt smile.gif


How you get a key:

- If you are the leader of a mod team, PM Yoshiro and ask him for Steam keys for your team. Let him know how many team members you have

- If you are an individual mapper/modder, just post here that you want a key, and Yoshiro will PM you one soon


Have fun guys, and remember this is a preview build. More functionality will be coming online shortly.



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