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Red Orchestra 2 Stats Reset Coming


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So we planned on putting this press release out as soon as we put out the update that fixed the stats. But since the achievement "In B4 Reset" found its way into to public already, I'll go ahead and post this up here now so you guys know what is coming up. You'll likely see a modified version of this press release come out in the next few days when we release the update. And this is the current plan, but things can always change, so if something changes please don't come back later and go "but you guys promised you were going to do X" smile.gif We don't promise, we let you know what the current plans/ideas are, but those can always change!


Red Orchestra 2 - The State of the Game


By most business measures Red Orchestra 2 has been a smashing success for Tripwire Interactive. Within 2 days of the launch of Red Orchestra 2 it had surpassed the lifetime revenue of the original Red Orchestra that has been selling for over 5 years. The pre-sales and launch week sales of the game broke all company records even beating out our hit game Killing Floor by a three times margin. And Red Orchestra 2 has quickly established itself as one of the most played games on Steam. But for all of this success we've not done as well as we would have liked in the most important area to us - the happiness of all of our customers. To put it bluntly the game had a rough launch. We've been working diligently since launch to get these issues sorted and have made great progress fixing issues with matchmaking, VOIP, and stability as well as improving performance. The final major area that we've been working on is stats, player progression, and ranking.


We believe we have all of the major issues worked out with the stats system and are rolling out an update soon that should address these issues. Due to the problems with stats and players either earning stats and achievements that they didn't actually earn or earning stats at many times the intended rate we are going to have to do a global reset of all stats for the game. This means all achievements, stats and player progression will be rolled back as if all players were new. This was not an easy decision for us to make, but one we felt we needed to do to preserve the integrity of the stats and ranking system, and to provide all of the players the best experience with the game over the long term. Knowing that there are people that have been playing the game for a few weeks now and will lose the stats for that time we are going to provide a special bonus to all players. For a limited time all players will earn double experience in Red Orchestra 2. Additionally, we going to give all players that own the game before the reset a special achievement called "In B4 Reset". Right now this is just an achievement, but we're going to be looking at ways to give special rewards to the players that have this achievement in the future.


Thank you to all of the players that have made Red Orchestra 2 a hit so far. We've got a lot of exciting things in store with free content coming for the game so stay tuned for news on that.

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