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Edit: Think I've solved this - was just a very basic setting I'd overlooked.




Our RtCW server is not currently taking remote screenshots in to the svss folder. I'd really appreciate an experienced admin could glance over our pbsv to maybe find something we're overlooking for this screenshot issue. :)


There used to be screenshots of player action our two admins could access/review/check in this directory via FTP on our server...




However our server went through a period of instability on OSP 0.9, with frequent crashes, so I changed all the server configs to those created by Tiger of Warleagues, including his pbsv. Since then our server has been very stable with OSP 0.9 - except for the fact it no longer takes screenshots of action in to the svss folder.


I've uploaded our pbsv as a txt file to our webspace instead of posting it all here.


pbsv = http://www.stormkrewsaders.com/pbsv_help.txt



pb_sv_SsPath "" //[Path where remote screenshots are saved]


I've current left this field empty, but maybe it needs to be told directly where to save screenshots ? We've already tried having "wolf/pb/svss" in this field for a few days, yet still no screenshots appear in the svss folder, even though players have been active on server.

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Thanks for the access permissions.


I've been slowly reading my way through the forum, taking in the good advice here on ways to improve and tighten up anti-cheat administration of our server.


Made one useful improvement already by increasing the pb_sv_LogCeiling up from 1000, and same for the pb_sv_SsCeiling up from 1000.

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