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Hay i am a new server owner i have a bf2 64 slot server. my clan tag =YOG= It stands for Ye Old Gits.


if anybody want to join you are most welcome to server ip


The big thing is i don't have any member we are using *DH* players to help start

To battle Padding i only have 6 DH on my server so no padding


I also would like to offer admin to good loyal players

I have a website with forums link is on the server


The server is low ping for the uk


Maps at the moment are wake and KARK with inf off


If you would like to check this out your are all welcome to play on a server thats aimed at having fun,


Also i would like to have members so i can stream to PBbans as i have been told i can not do untill i have a few members


thank you


To admin/Staff


Sorry if this is not in the correct place i couldn't find anywhere to intro my self and was ask to be more involed in your forums :)

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