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was wondering if this would be a good idea or not.since bf2 ranked servers are different to set up to streaming then for example sof2,cod,cod:ou or bfv cause theres no ftp access.would it be possiable to make something up for instructions to stream a bf2 server.if there is something of this sort plz point me to the right direction. :)

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In BF2CC send the following commands (one line at a time):



pb_sv_logport 24389

pb_sv_loguser yourusername

pb_sv_logpw yourpassword


Then do a pb_sv_writecfg to save these settings to the pbsv.cfg file on the server.

I did this for the DeZ server and it worked fine.


If your server is in TX ask your provider if they use the Cortex gamepanel. It gives full access to the PB folder.

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