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Getting full banlist to streaming server


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Our BF3-server got streaming enabled today and while everything looks to be OK (PBBans's MSi lists server as streaming and we get bans updated into it), the banlist contain only the latest ~70 bans while there are ~1600 bans in BF3's MBi. What is the correct procedure in this case, simply to download the whole MBi-file and drop it to server as a seed? Or is there a way to download/update _all_ bans in MBi via streaming?


Perhaps a bit stupid and self-evident question, but I didn't notice this to be explained in streaming guide.

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You propably have the flag "Accept new Bans" active on your server, so only new bans on PBBans are added to your pbbans.dat. Personally, i would remove that flag and just enable the "Enforce Bans" flag.

if you activate that the HUB checks all ppl who want to join your server against the MBi and prevent them from joining if a match is found. So you dont have to store all bans from the MBi in your local pbbans.dat on the server which is more efficent and does not produce lag. (A server can lag if there are too many entries in the local pbbans.dat)

For security reasons you should keep an updated copy of the MBi (You can download it here: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-download-bf3-dlb41.html ) on your computer for times when the Hub is offline :)

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Ok, thanks about explaining this. "Accept new Bans" flag is on in our server but "Enforce MBi bans" isn't (noticed that such flag exists though). I have ask our other admin to enable it, as he has streaming admin status in PBBans.

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