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I would like to stream with PB :)


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Hi there well I'm new to pbbans but not to sof. I would like to PB stream if I could but I can't find where to go an I did a few searches resulting in some errors and off topic info that I don't need. I'm not in the clan but I am the person that has the servers in my name which I pay and have rcon and ftp access. I set them up as well. The servers are and (twlmatch If there is a pass on there). My msn is [email protected] The clan leaders are 4play and 53cent which can vouch what I said here. Oh the vent ip is breath.tacticallysound.com:4240. I pay for that as well. If anything else I missed please let me know and I'll do what I can for you. My name is Crazy Demon as well in sof. Looking forward to streaming with ya guys. Thanks in advance as well.

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Clan/Group/League Name P!pe Players

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Start by filling your profile correctly, then pm me and ill give you the help needed

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