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For those of you who had an extended weekend, we here at Tripwire hope you enjoyed it!


With one holiday behind us and one just ahead (http://twitter.com/#!/TripwireYoshir...536064/photo/1 especially for KF fans) we are hard at work on updates for RO 2.


Performance and crashing:


Work continues to be done on isolating and addressing several more causes of fps loss and hitching on the clients. This will once again result in a more stable and higher fps rate.


Be on the lookout for calls from us to fill up a server as we take a look into the server ping climb under player load. We will likely need near full to full severs to help diagnose the issue.


As for crashing, we've identified and are testing a fix for the team swap crash and are looking at several others based on .dmp files we are receiving from the community.




Some of the major bugs we are looking at this week is the death screams not always playing and some exploits reported by the clanning community.


We are also digging into why some routers are blocking the server browsers call for servers either right away or over time and are investigating ways to address the situation.




While we had hoped we could ship the SDK to all users last week, the community and modding teams made us aware of several lingering issues we are having a crack at before we push it out. We are now expecting this late this week (or more likely next week to coincide with a patch that will include the some of the results of or work this week)


What is on the horizon:


We continue to monitor both the community (forums, websites, in game, and social media) for their feedback and we are in the early stages of some major design work based on said feedback. But among the first things you'll see as a result out of this are maps. This week we'll have another chance here in the office to check out another new level (not the same as last weeks) and begin to give it a proper shakedown.


I look forward to letting you know more about these things in the future, and wish everybody a good week!

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